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June 30, 2007


very nice! i like to do that too, sketch out what i see or remember about nature trips. how was the surprise at v.r? hope tons of fun!

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! I love incense, and have never heard of ROOT BEER flavored sticks! Will you save me one? (And put one in your journal)This is awesome, love that burning it made you remember stuff. How's this for cool? I WAS A CARHOP at A&W! Rode my bike to work in the summer and was the girl bringing out the trays! AND just last week I was in MN and we stopped in for a float at the local A&W near our cabin. Enter Twilight Zone music here!!! Terrific journal page too. Thanks for joining the crusade Sue :)

I love your journal pages, very cool! and OMG!!! Can't believe there's root beer scented incense, I want some SO much! M new goal in life now is to find some, lol!

Absolutely divine...your shared memory of A&W and the carhops. Those were my favorite times as a child, loved the frosted mugs...if I close my eyes real hard, I can almost smell your A&W rootbear smell....thanks for bringing back such wonderful memories!

Enjoyed your story and love your artwork.

Wow! Thanks for bringing back one of my favorite childhood memories -- I had forgotten about the "tot-mugs" of root beer. And I know what you mean about the smell of water. Your journal entries are way past rudimentary! I love them!

Your journal pages are beautiful.

Wow! great elements in this...i love it!

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