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August 21, 2007


OMG! i never would have pegged you as a prince fan! this crusade has been the best for discovering another side of everyone. yahoo for you learning to embad a video, bravo! thanks for joining in my friend. sweeeeeeeeeet dreams.

I would never have thought that you are a Prince fan, lol:) I like Annie Lenox and 'swaet dreams' is an excellent choise! I think I might go for Crowded House's 'Don't dream it's over' as my favourite tune! So, how do you embed a video into your blog?!

i love this post...i am going to check out michelle's site and try to narrow down my favs...that's really hard to do. Prince! surprise, surprise!

Oh, I loved this song. Brings back some good memories.

Wow, you and I like most of the same music it seems! I love Prince, too... and just about everything on your list! And love your ATCs, too, by the way... your art is AWESOME! Since I found my way to GPP Street Team I've discovered so many wonderful artists! I know what you mean about getting caught up in it all!

Great choices Sue!!!! Learned something new about you today....Prince!!!!


the Eurythmics! i haven't heard that in years, LOL!! but prince?? i wouldn't have thought you to be a fan of him either. oldies but goodies, love it!

ok, this is definately a 'must have' list of music! love it!

Annie Lennox has such a brilliant voice. A great reminder of my youth and some fab music!

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