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September 16, 2007


sue - what a wonderful crush to share - water and thge beach. love the photos and the story of taking this sweet one there for the first time. saying a little prayer you feel better soon and can get that how bath SOON! i'm still smiling at the PRINCE crush. heard him on the radio today and thought of you *kiss*

thanks for playing along sue!

Your entry struck me as very authentic. I love the connection between being their when MZ CYD was born and taking her back to the sound of "waves crashing." at 5. Hope you are feeling better. GPP street team was my first challenge. Thanks for the list of challenges on your blog.

That's a neat crush... being a pisces and a water sign... I love the water, too! It has such healing properties. It can be such a powerful force of nature, it cleanses and nourishes but can also erode stone and create canyons over time. I like reading your entries, it's like you are speaking to me, personally... nice style.

I completely agree with your water crush. Especially the ocean.....I wish I could live at the sea shore.

you are my soul sista! i love this posting...something i already knew about you...but, it was so nice to hear you talk about it...i have saved my message from you when you were at the beach....rubbing it in! the photos are wonderful! xo

What a lovely obsession, which I share with you, but didn't list on my "Crush" entry. Lovely pictures, too.
I once spent a few days in Corpus Christi, and can still feel the joy of standing hip-deep in the Gulf, laughing as I let the waves crash over me.

There's ANOTHER thing we share! I ADORE Lake Michigan!!! We too live less than 30 minutes away from the lake, and would you believe that I haven't been there ONCE this summer?! BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the most relaxing times in my life was when we lived on the Sound in Washington. I used to hang out on the cliff and paint and just watch the waves.

Hi Sue I made a connection with you through your thoughts on water because I feel exactly the same way - and what a joy to see the photos of Miz Cyd and her 1st experience - brilliant photos capturing the moment for ever.
Hope your hot water gets sorted soon - I have a problem with water too at the moment. The wasp nest that was built over my water tank although it is gone now - I still get bits of wasps getting into my bath water (the little blighters obviously fell in drowned, and then disintegrated ulitmately coming through my tap (faucet) - didn't I read somewhere that wasps have anti ageing capacities - lol - if they do then the can carry on sharing my bath, if not then I wish they would get the heck out of my your blog entries as always !

your water and other pictures are just gorgeous!! and i can tell you (all) had fun and enjoyed mother nature at it's best.

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