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February 11, 2008


Great post - stay on your computer please.
Looking forward to your ETSY shop.
Good luck with the colour mixing.

Those books are SO fab. I know just what you mean about leaving them there just as they are. i just bought a couple dusty of old books myself, but this time i made myself promise to make creative use them somehow.

Morning Sue, thanks so much for the nod, I love, love, love the color mixing sheets. I hope you incorporate them into a special book for yourself, or just have them hanging up in the studio..very inspiring, much better than my coffee cup method!!

I stand in total awe of anyone who has the patience and focus to do that kind of meticulous color work. I can see why you'd take a break at the computer! =] I always thing of the blogosphere as my socialization for the day since I tend to stay in the house by myself a whole lot (husband works crazy hours) and might otherwise turn into a hermit. Thanks for the great links to check out!

Thanks for the shout out girlfriend and fwiw, *I* think the books look just marvy sittin' there! Why yes I am an abettor. ;)

Ha, I think you should glue the books together just like that and call it a installation! they look fab! :-)

Love these old books - let them be! And these blogs - so many blogs, so little time!!! I know how you can spend a lot of time with the computer without realizing it...the color mixing task can be a real drag but once you get the hang of it-it's a piece of cake...looking forward to future posts on your new discoveries! &rew

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