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March 09, 2008


That ebay thing? ALL the time. I have 10 tin ceiling tiles sitting in my studio that I "had to have" - they cost me a fortune because of the irritating customs people - and they're just SITTING there. Argh! Yah. Sickness. And I have it bad.

The Flying Pig ... stuff. winging it's way westward as we speak. I'm stoked. And terrified. And I have you to thank. xoxo

you so scored
on those little bottles
of watch parts...


i would have wanted them,too
consider yourself lucky!

[thank god,
what would i have done with them?
photographed them from every angle,
then what]

Your Ebay win looks great. Yes, we definitely need some Spring for sure.
art hugs

It's so interesting to read about your desire to break free and be outdoors! I have days where I just want it to rain really hard all day, on a chilly day, so I can stay in wrapped in a blanket with out feeling quilty! I'm heading over to check out your etsy shop right now!

ah, yes - addiction to ebay. Mine comes in the form of beads and pendants. I have myself on forced hiatus until I make up everything I've already won. =] So now I'm playing with photographs I took while in Fla - water birds, not my favorite ubiquitous subject matter, but hey, it sells. Good luck on Etsy! How exciting!

welcome to Etsy! hope you have a great response. I've had good sales this last month with my card sale. and I know what you mean, about feeling withdrawn. I really think the weather has a lot to do with it. and reaching points where we say to ourselves, ok, NOW what do I do?! anyway, good luck with the new shop, and let's go for coffee at The Pig sometime, together.

You'll have so many opportunities to work with your watch parts. It will be fun to see what you do.

I'm checking in on my OWOH bloggathon friends and finally having the time to look around. I'm so glad that we have a list to work from.

Sending good wishes your way for a wonderful week.


Congrats on the new Etsy shop!!! I know it'll be a hit. Haven't seen any pheasants for a few years, but the raccoons broke a feeder the other day, and the possums and deer have been visiting us regularly!


Congrats on the new Etsy shop!! Everything is beautiful and that necklace...OMG!! Those watch parts are so cool looking, they do look like art just the way they are. Hope spring comes soon for you and all the hungry critters. xox

I am so far behind reading here....I had to get another diet sprite and do some major reading. You mean when we get those things from ebay we are to actually use them! lol I must remember this next time! Debbie

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