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April 09, 2008


Can you see my eyes bugging out in surprise? You mentioned Gary was into it but you didn't say HE WAS INTO IT (with capital letters!) Wowee - you two are a dynamite team. Terrific stamps!! And check out your new paint colors - you are more adventurous than me with that. You should do a re-cap post on your leaf spraying (and plastic table runner) for the newbie stencil-cutting crusaders.

OH - and YOU DRILL PEARLS??? What? Don't they come pre-drilled? I saw in your post below that book....*runs to check it out now*

Thanks again Sue for sharing your stuff with the team - and a high-five for GARY!!! Tell him I said "Dude, you Rock!"

Ok, I am seriously jealous: beads AND home made stamps. Leah (Creative Every Day) has been making stamps too. I really have to trundle over and see how it's done. I bought a book over a year ago and it didn't help a bit. But this looks to good not to get in on. Congrats on two days in a row! I will let you be my inspiration today! xo

See you did not make it and posted your stamps now, they LOOK GREAT! I haven't stopped carving since the last crusade and yesterday made a stencil (but no dinn't have time yet to make a post). WOW what a great colors of spray paint. Really makes me curious what those will loke like!

that's a jam-packed message! Love the painting! The carvings are all neat. I think yours is great, just needs a bolder color maybe. I'll have to get moving on the next crusade, I shirked this last month a bit. Drilling pearls? Sounds very tedious! Wow, you've been a busy lady!

Great stamps! In case you decide to give up on stamp-carving, it's so nice to have an expert carver right there with you! Lucky you! You two are a great team! :)

I love your carved stamps... what a bonus that you both work together! Will have to watch out for your stencils...I'm intrigued now!!

Your stamps ALL look great - good on you both! I can't believe how cheap spray paint is for you - here in NZ the cheap brands are $10 a can, and our $ is worth about 70c US. I should come shopping LOL

Hi! You are one lucky lady, to have a husband who is so handy with a carving tool! I'm impressed (pun intended, sentiment sincere)! And hey, I have the exact same round, metal mesh table in my backyard... oh wait, it's not there anymore... hey! (Kidding w/you... my husband just took it to work for the guys to use... too funny seeing your table a day after mine left the yard!) :D
Carve on, sister!

WOW! Gary did a fabulous job on the stamps!!

Those stamps are great! i think you BOTH did an amazing job. I look forward to seeing what you do for the current crusade, the colour of those spary paints are amazing!

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