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April 30, 2008


No way! Gary joined us again? That rocks! Terrific stencil Sue! So organic. Love Gary's too!! Thanks for being so enthusiastic about making your own tools and the things you said about that - keeping your art authentic it comes....making it your own. Another thanks for linking to your clever and handsome spray experiments from last year. I was hoping you would mention your earlier work and your tutorial so your readers, and the crusaders, could be inspired to try something like that.

(I'll be missing you this weekend too)

the name alone is worth the price of admission - i may go around trying to hum that one - bee balm bloom, bee balm bloom, bee balm bloom.
That image has many many possibilities - it would be (bee?) fun to do slightly staggered repeats in subtle color variations.
And even if you didn't do that, you can still go around sayin' bee balm bloom

well haven't you been the busy bee: The Girls and stencils too! I love your stencils and Gary's too! Every now and then Husband thinks about joining in on the wheel, but since I lent it out to a local non-prof he hasn't had the chance (mostly it's just an idea in his head). How fun to create together!

That looks really awesome. Both do, actually. And I love the colors you used on the bee balm bloom!

Lovely, lovely. I remember those first posts... I'm impressed by how ethereal and pretty the colors come out... not what I'd guess by the color of the can top, which doesn't do the colors justice. I must go buy some spray paint and try this... it's almost nice enough outside to do it, too! Very fun... hopefully Saturday will be a dry day!

I forgot to ask, how DID you get that crystal-like image in the purple/green? Is that a stencil? It must have taken some cutting if so! It's lovely, reminds of an entity from a StarTrek episode. And love lavender and green together, too. Ok I think I'm done now.

Totally cool Sue. One question, what exactly is a stencil burner please?

Lovely stencils, I like both the positive and negative images! And Gary's is great, too - I always like swirly, scrolly designs! Grand job, both of you! :)

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