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June 02, 2008



I enjoyed reading your blog post. Thanks for sharing your story and the links to visit!


awesome post! The energy pouring out of it is amazing! We look forward to hanging your jeans with ours (I never made it to a size 8 in jeans although when I was 24 I did have a pair of shorts that were 8s, on my 5'9" life was a mess at that point. I'll take my 16s with the life that goes with them any day). Thanks for passing this along!

Great blog! Can't wait to see the jeans hanging with the exhibit!

Sue, I applaude you for putting this out there AND for coming to accept yourself for who you ARE, not for who society sees as the ideal person! Too often the message of indiviuality gets lost in all the hype of skinny models and marketing.

I had been heavy all my adult life (5'6"...topping out at 220) until recently. Three years ago I went on Weight Watchers and lost 70 pounds...I have kept it off with a lot of hard work and focus, but I do enjoy my desserts too, occasionally to much! I lost my weight for health reasons and have found out that the only way to truly keep weight under control is by exercise...yeah, I know that is very cliche and had been a four letter word for me most of my life, but it is what works for me and I am happy that I finally found the magic formula. But this is not about me, so I will climb off of my soap box now!!!

Congrats for all you have discovered and for passing it on to us, your readers and friends!

(((Sue))) that's a huge hug from me for what you said, for the links, for sharing this important message with us. Our perception is so skewed from so many sources. It's time we took back our image and took back the way we look at ourselves in the world.

I just love how real you are Sue. I'm so thankful to have met you. You make being human okay again!

All the best to you!!!


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