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July 28, 2008


i have
to tell you.
if you lived closer
i would want
to take
a jewelry making class from you.


you do the best wire~wrapping,

{{ say,
i have never seen a woodchuck up close and personal.

how much wood DOES
a wood chuck chuck,
as i have been wondering }}

and you dunk all these into liver sulpher why? To "age" them? Love the picture of the beads in your hand - they are absolutely yummy and I KNOW how long all that wrapping takes and am sure you underprice them. Hope you will post once you're all done. What a cutie the woodchuck is! Never seen one!

I'm the same way about the end of a project. Almost like I'm affraid to finish it. They look beautiful.

Just "Believe"!

Your jewelry pieces look beautiful! I can't wait to see what you made!
Your photos are gorgeous- so nice for me to see since everything is Phoenix is so dry and washed out from the sun!

the jewelry is beautiful. I like the beads too. amazing jewelry work!
I am also very interested by this little woodchuck. Funny that here in Africa we have a little animal looking a lot like the woodchuck. It is called an hyrax and studies show it is a far cousin of the elephant (funny but true!)

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