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September 22, 2008


Love that bird bead - am taking it with me on Thursday when I go play with glass again. And the chipmunk! Alas, altho treed we don't have any tho Maryland does have them some places. Finally - beautiful jewelry and the photography and background inspired. I learn so much coming here!

Lovely work... I love the key that you incorporated! I wouldn't have known that the item below it was a salt shaker... what a clever idea... whose ever it was! LOL That is a good story about giving credit and paying attention to where things come from out of our heads... I sometimes do that I think... subconsciously use something I've seen somewhere and think it's from my own head. Most things aren't nearly as unique as we might think they are. I always try to give credit as I'm usually so grateful when someone shares a technique with me. It's sometimes easy to forget to do that though and it's good to be reminded from time to time. Love those new necklaces... gorgeous!

How funny is it that I went to an antique store for the first time in my life ever yesterday (I know, I can't believe it either!) with the purpose of trying to find a small vintage container for a necklace?

Speaking of getting it all figured out, if you have a cure for not actually forgeting to attatch a bead to the actual necklace before wrapping the final loop, you just let me know. The current necklace I am working on, I have done that 5 times and I'm not done.

Some thing must have to be learned over and over and over and over.

They are beautiful necklaces!

oct. 24th? That's my Jade's birthday! he will be five! that is so cool that it is your birthday, too!

love the necklaces, your work is beautiful and can't wait to have a piece of it! ;-)

have a wonderful weekend! xo

hey girlie....miss you! fixin' to watch this vp debate...will catch up with you soooooon! sending

Those are beautiful necklaces! And I just love the photo of the squirrel!

So cute! So shocking and great! It's so lucky for me to find your blog! I love this post with lots of information! All that here catch the of fashion, which are lovely designs!

Lovely necklaces.

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