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October 05, 2008


Very pretty scenery... I haven't taken the time to get out and enjoy that much... we have some lovely areas around Ohio. It's nice to see some of Wisconsin, I never much considered that area of the country but it's beautiful. Those puff things look like a fungus or mushroom of some type... but remind me of popcorn! Don't you love the little oddities of life? I do, it's like a little bit of Dr. Seuss in real life.

wd40? bath it in that and see what happens....send you an email and it bounced - did you by any chance get it and I get a false bounce?

Those are puffballs in your backyard. They are a type of mushroom.

Were they really 18"? Holy smokes, wish I would have looked at them. The pics of the paper are way cool! xo

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