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October 12, 2008


Very cool, Sue!! And Gary of course!

Those are beautiful creations!

I hear ya about the house - I just spent the last 3 full weekends cleaning and sorting from sunup till the cows come home every day. Making up for everything I ignored since the snow melted. I think I'm finally on the downhill slope though! :)

You two are just the most talented duo! Always love seeing what you and Gary have been creating...just beautiful, all of it!
PS Hope you are living with less pain these days, Sue. xox

Kudos to Gary! tell him learning clay is one lifetime, learning glazes another, bringing them all together yet another.....he has so much fun ahead of him!

holy wow! i am so very impressed! awesome work Gary!

oh and hi Sue... ;-) hope you are well and enjoying your fall days, i have a feeling you are! It has been so pretty here lately, but getting cooler.


OMG! Wow, those are really amazing pieces Gary....really beautiful. Maybe you both will need more studio space? Can't wait to see them in person...take care, both of you, and please call if you need help, (with anything other than organizing-lol)amanda

Gary does beautiful work!

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