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November 17, 2008


Celebration is a great philosophy!

WOW TIMINGI am draftigna psot on myblog abotu the past summer fall and howit's brought emto have a mcuh more grateful heart. I began a gratitude journal. That has kept me thinking in thanksgiving stopping me from becoming bitter and sad. Hugs to you & thank you or linking to me. You have a very nice blog!

OK!!! I read the book but didn't practice any of the suggestions - which I hardly ever do with these books and thus I miss much of what I might gain. So I will join you, birthday candles in hand, for 37 days of gratitude. And I'll start by lighting a candle for you! and our friendship. (you get to see the picture tomorrow).

Wow...what a great way to "celebrate" every a birthday of "simple events in everyday life"! LOVE IT! I will start with also a candle for "us" being friends, and the other candle for being able to wake up today and then curl up tonight next to my Texan hubby! How's that for being thankful? :) xo..deb

Well you can celebrate influencing others (in a positive way) since you got me to go out and get the book! I started reading but admittedly haven't gotten that far just yet. I wouldn't mind the candle, especially if it came complete with a cupcake under it! I decided once to keep a journal, if you will, to jot down at least one good thing that happened during my day...even if the day was generally crummy... I always found things to be grateful for... and during that time my mother passed away but I still found good things amidst the pain... we can all do it if we try! We just need to remind ourselves and others to keep trying! Bravo to you!

speaking of tammy, I got this award the other day and am passing it on to you...
Feel free to play along or not, just wanted to drive some traffic your direction.

so are you still celebrating? you've definitely got me going over here!

I Love this idea! I've been home alone with my little girl for the past week, so we've been "celebrating" by having picnics at a small table in the kitchen, etc. She'd love having a candle thrown into the mix, I know... So maybe we can celebrate things like when she matches her picture cards together, or puts stuff in the trash for me, etc.

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