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November 24, 2008


Hi - thanks for the shout out! And yes you have been celebrating! It's so good to have a doctor you trust! While I don't eat land animals, I do eat water animals...crabs alot. I have to do the same thing when I eat them - not think too hard about it. 'Cause here in Maryland you just have to eat crabs and I've done it my whole life except for about 1 year when I managed to forgo.

Good to hear you are getting about again (or Gary is) and getting back to "normal" whatever that may be. Flying Pig-normal! Maybe someday I'll take a long road trip to see it!

I feel the same as you about the meat-eating thing - I feel a bit guilty about it, but it doesn't stop me from having a really delicious steak now and again. And other meat on a daily basis... If I had to catch and kill or even watch the process, I know I'd never be able to do it. The fact that I'm so removed from the process is what enables my denial I guess. I try to give thanks for the animal like the indians did, but that sometimes gets me thinking too much!

Love that link about "who do you think you are?" I don't do that a lot, but I think we all do it sometimes. I enjoyed that a lot.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Enjoyed your blog and art work... Sounds like you are having a great time. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sue: Thank you for the mention! I've never before been mentioned in a post with deer hunting. :)

I hope you'll get your name much bigger on the blog. I had to search for it for some time. All about branding, you know?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey sweetie!
Glad to hear all is going better and thanks so much for the loverrly email!

Your room awaits you! So continue picturing us sitting on the porch listening to the waves hit the shore and the eagles above--- as we sip on our "hot totties"! (is that how that is spelled? :)

So hurry up and get that new hip and then get your "...." to Texas! xo...deb

The 37 days of celebrating seems to be having a great effect on you. Your post is full of energy, positivity and excitement. I'm happy that you are feeling good. Hope we can get together soon. Happy Thanksgiving

i have been so busy living
Life As A Verb,
if you know what i mean...


but here
i am ...doing a pop~in
to see what ideas you have been growing...

will be back soon
to explore more...

keep celebrating EVERYTHING
you can thinK of---> over here
we are celebrating this--->
Spike the Cat
Did Not Eat the Little Pine*Cone After All Day.

to you and yours..............

Great news about Gary being mobile and clad in his beloved jeans again! And....SO happy to hear that the pain clinic has made your life much sweeter and that the good doc will have that other hip good as new soon! Watch out world, Sue and Gary are getting ready to take you by storm! Happy Thanksgiving and a thousand more candles! xox

Congratulations to Gary. Love that black and white picture. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love the celebratory soon as things slow down, I am going to get back into that book...don't feel bad about the venison, I had duck the other day...something I swore off many, many years ago. And damn it was good too...hope to see you soon, and that we can visit for a bit! you look great! Hope things keep moving in the right direction for you (and Gary!)

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