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February 22, 2009


hi sue--hope you are doing well. just wanted to let you know i sent you a refund for that little zine you ordered. turns out i lost the ones i had and haven't had time to make another. thanks for understanding! be well!

There you are! Sounding great! good to hear that the blood thing is starting to behave. Perhaps it's like making beads - you can't hurry the bead/glass. You just have to work with it where it is at the moment.

Thanks for all the kind words you say about me here - I think you'll find the sketch idea very helpful - since you have to much time to sit, now is the perfect time to practice! =] Every cloud has its own silver lining.

Tried a big bead yesterday and failed miserably because I don't have a kiln. Sigh. I could have bought enough beads to make jewelry for the rest of my life if I hadn't spent so much money on this side tangent (Have I mentioned how addicted I'm getting to beads?!!!) But there's just something about making your own!

The torso class went beautifully - Once the torso's my folks made come out, I will post them. Either I'm a good teacher or I just had very talented attendees!

Oh living by those daily/weekly numbers. I remember it all too well. I hope they behave themselves asap! xoxo

And I haven't forgotten the interview ... I hope to get to it this, finally, a recovery week!

I love that with the little organza bags! Little things do make a difference!

FYI - I am looking for artists who would post about the inspiring things around their studios. Please see my entry here:

I would love it if you would do a post about stuff that inspires you and post some studio photos to share and then link from the comment section of my website. I love to learn about the things that inspire other artists that they keep around them every day.


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