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February 01, 2009


I am so sorry to hear about your husband's loss. How fortunate for him that he has someone who truly loves him, even if you do bicker sometimes!! Believe me, I know the feeling...

My mom is in her 80's, and has broken both her hips in the last few months. I can no longer take care of her at my home, so she's at a "board and care". The guilt that I feel for not being able to take care of her myself is overwhelming. This is when we need to come into our art, I think.

Take care of yourself as well:

Garden Painter Art
Musty Boxes Ephemera

Well, then, Hey! Happy New Year!!! WOOOHOOOO (much horn tooting and dancing around).

I'm sorry to hear about January's blues, please pass along my condolences to Gary and to you too. Things happen for a reason, sometimes to remind us of what we already know.

Gary's bird photos are marvelous. Amazing really - the subtle colors he gets to show up. I'm so jealous! And that flower in the window...yummy!

Good to see you back. I was getting ready to send out the dogs to see if you'd gotten lost in a snow drift somewhere. Here's the a magnaificent New Year for both of you.

sending along many hugs!

So sorry to hear about the sad times and your health concerns... you always seem to have a good outlook on things despite the challenges. It is in the tough times we realize what is important to us. If we didn't have the hard things to go through we wouldn't appreciate the good times nearly as much. Those photos are wonderful! You should put together a book on Blurb! I'd buy one! those window shots are simply spectacular. I love the beauty of the randomness of nature! You and Gary capture it so wonderfully well! Best wishes to you both and here's hoping there are some better happier things in store for February!

Hoping February brings you a lot of peace and comfort. YOu have beautiful photos. Have a wonderful week.

I;''m so sorry for your husbband's loss! You two have really had a tough month, but be sure to take care of yourself Sue. That's the best thing you can do for Gary!
Your photo's are beautiful!!!

I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh and Happy New Year!

Wow! You have had way too many things to deal with in one month. I think declaring a start over is perfectly reasonable. Pretty pictures by the way. Here's hoping your February is much better in health and spirit.

Hey girlfriend!!!

Glad to see you back...missed ya! Glad to hear you are finally listening to your docs. Sorry to hear about hubby's aunt....and I am sure he knows how you feel about him. After 30 years, you definitely get to know each other...the good & the not so good.

The person I refer to on my blog is YOU silly girl. I wanted to wait until you were back posting again before I sent my ladies your way....besides, who do you think I was talking about when I said "good friend" who referred me to Debbie? :)

Take care of yourself and glad to hear you are "creating" again! xo...deb

Sue and Gary, I am so sorry to hear of your loss of that very special aunt. And Sue, you have to know that Gary wanted above all, for you to take care of yourself. He knows you were with him in all the ways that really count. You take care of yourself, Girlfriend, and keep that foot propped up. February is going to be much better. Keep that gorgeous art coming. Your bird and flower pics are amazing! xox

Sue and Gary, how sad to learn of the passing of someone so special to you. And Sue, you had to know that above all, Gary wanted you to take care of yourself. You WERE with him in all the ways that really count. You take care of yourself, Friend, and keep that leg propped up and those hands busy making beautiful things. Amazing pics of your views! And oh yeah, February and the rest of the year are going to be MUCH better. xox

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