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May 07, 2009


that's one way cool pig! Maybe he'll bring some good news for pigs now that the swine flu is tarnishing their reputation! And that's SOOOO great about your clot being gone! Must be such a relief. Thanks for sharing another great post!

Sue, that is phenomenal news on "The Clot"! Frankly, I don't believe all the hype re: being pre-disposed particularly if you're active. But that's just me and my "healthy" attitude toward the medical profession in general. ;)

Thanks for posting photos of TFP's recycled Pig. They did an awesome job!

This is very cool. Great way to use up all the "stuff" we seem to collect. Glad you are feeling better. I found you through KC's camp

hooray! the clot is gone! hooray! hooray! and in the meantime you got art made, right? Love the pig but am sure I don't need a reason to keep even more, um, possible art supplies, hanging around in corners and boxes!

Thoroughly enjoyed your commentary on the art, as well as the basic premise of the pig!

AMAZING! so impressive!

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