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July 23, 2009


What a wonderful post about self affirmation and letting go. I really appreciated your words. They were truly inspirational.

GREAT POST! I married wy wife thirty-nine years ago next month. She can't fit into her old jeans, and I can't fit into mine either. Gravity has gradually done its part to get us closer to ground zero and there's nothing we can do about it - despite the exercising five days a week. You've got style! Keep it up.

This is an gem of a post !!!! How wonderful that you are finding the courage to let those jeans and all the symbolize go. Man, we are so hard on ourselves !!! And life is too short for that, isn't it ? Your post really inspired me to think of ways to just be where and I am appreciate that. Thanks for that and for sharing your treasures ! Cheers !

oh, but none of the commenters are sending us their jeans!!!! we need jeans - as of today we are working on 3 (count 'em: 3!!) proposals for Body Politic installations. One is Baltimore. I just don't have a date yet. The others are juried and we'll have to wait to hear. We ARE getting jeans from around the country. We'd LOVE to have yours! and your commenters'! Thanks for the plug. xoxoxo

Thanks for this great blog. Spreading the word is important and your jeans are a most welcome addition to the exhibit!

My best to you in all of your endeavors!

Yes, send those jeans on with your thoughts! Great way to reaffirm we are all right the way we are. I've got a small pair in my closet. Maybe I'll trade them among my friends and we can all stick in our stories. Thanks for your thoughts and referrals to other sites - Jeanne

OMG, I fight with this stuff all the time! Thanks

Another touching post Sue on an issue that plagues every woman everywhere. No matter how wonderful we think 'that girl' looks, she also suffers from the exact same self destructive behaviour and thoughts. Isn't life liberating when you can finally, truly let go!

A GREAT post, Sue, and one that was well worth repeating! Truly words to live by...thanks for re-sharing! xox

I say you stuff those pockets with loving notes to yourself about the progress you've made and then sew those jeans into a purse, sling it over your shoulder and carry it proudly! YOU GO!!

You may or may not need this:

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