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September 16, 2009


You HAD to tell me about this! I see they will be in Columbus Oct. 2... but they seem to require a resale license which I don't have any more. I did years ago but kinda fell off of selling my stuff. Maybe it's best I don't go... I'd probably just spend way too much. Your photos are always so juicy with gorgeous beads though. What fun. I am like that with rubber stamp conventions.

Thanks so much, Sue, for writing about this. I always enjoy your take on things :)

Hey, Dieverdog, you don't need a resale license -- you just need to get invited. Want to attend? :)


Sounds like all of you had a great time! Too funny about Gary and the tray of beads!

Thank You for sharing information. The above given jewellry is looking to be quite good. Sounds like you have a good jewellry.

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