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February 20, 2010


On book hiatus....may have to come off...I think I could use some help int he assemblage dept and since steampunk jewelry is much assemblage and that's my latest addiction, well -that's as good an excuse as I need. =]

Now you have made me want to run over to Annie's and order another book! I am sure this could be considered as part of my de-stressing therapy!

OK! I'll get it!!

hey doll,
this looks like an awesome book im off to find it.
havbe a great week.

Hi Sue! Annie's book looks wonderful and right up my alley...thanks for the art alert! I am thrilled to see you blogging again and getting out to some of your favorite places...both are good medicine and tells me you're sailing down that road to recovery. I'll be giving you a ring next week, friend! You take good care. xox

looks like a good book, happy belated birthday!

Thanks for the great tip. I also have a book addiction and am always looking for a new find. I love the photo of the book...yours? Have a bright sunny day!

Seems like your post convinced me.. :) Where can I get the book?

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